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Welcome - glad you made it! 

My name is Sam. I'm a human bean residing in Philadelphia, PA. 

Music has been a fundamental part of my life since an early age because of its ability to uplift & engage the human spirit. 

I believe that the endless possibility of musical creation is an adventure worth taking every day - because when music is shared it can act as a powerful vessel for both connection & reflection.

As a musician, I've performed on Broadway, for national tours and regional theaters, in nightclubs, homes & public spaces - as a music director, pianist/keyboardist, and conductor. Some of my favorite venues I've performed at are The Kennedy Center, Radio City Music Hall, and The International Forum Hall in Tokyo, Japan. I've been fortunate enough to play music in 40+ states and 3 countries.


As a composer and session musician, my work can be heard in feature-length films, short films, albums, state projects, commercials, and podcasts.

Additionally, my work covers audio editing, music editing, orchestrating, arranging, and mixing & mastering. 

I believe strongly in the power of collaboration to bring about the best in each other. 

Looking forward to hearing from you! 


- Sam Bagala



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