Not Dead is an original song cycle with words and music by Samuel Bagala. The songs are set during the zombie apocalypse and are told through the eyes of the survivors as they deal with loss, love, fulfillment, and everyday trials as they fight for survival.


Cast: 3 men and 3 women. 


Original Cast: Drew Arisco, Darren Bunch, Andy Tighe, Sara Gallo, Molly Keane-Dreyer, and Zoe Raphael. 


Instrumentation: Piano/Conductor, Guitar, Electric Bass, Violin, Cello, Reed Doubler (Clarinet & Flute), and Percussion (Cajon, Djembe, Aux. Per.)


Song List:

1. Overture

2. Who Will Remember? (Group Song #1)

3. In My Hands (Man Solo #1)

4. Adventure Girl (Woman Solo #1)

5. Making A Killing (Man Solo #2)

6. Giver of Light (Woman Solo #2)

7. Stranger on the Road (Duet #1)

8. Who Will Remember? (Reprise)

9. In The Movies (Woman Solo #3)

10. Just Over the Horizon (Duet #2)

11. Zombies Suck (Group Song #2)

12. What It Means to be Human (Duet #3)

13. Already Dead (Man Solo #3)

14. Not Dead (Group Song #3)


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Andy Tighe
Andy Tighe

Cast of Not Dead
Cast of Not Dead

Zoe Raphael and Molly Keane-Dreyer
Zoe Raphael and Molly Keane-Dreyer

Andy Tighe
Andy Tighe


Photos by Alexis Scheer